What’s Your Style Profile

It’s Fast and Easy.

Articulating your personal furniture style preferences can be difficult. This is a tool designed to help. Our What’s My Style Profile is a novel way of helping to identify your very own personal furniture style by considering some design options and descriptors.

Remember how hard it was in school to write an essay answer to a test question? Where do you begin? What terms do you use? It was so much easier when the question was multiple choice or asked you to rank something on a scale of 1 to 10. What’s My Style Profile is like that. On six different scales describing components of furniture style, you pick where you are most comfortable on a scale of 1 to 5. And then, on a list of descriptive words, you choose ten that describe the space you want to live in and ten that do not.

This process stimulates thought about style while helping you define your own goals; however, it is not an answer machine that will print out a detailed picture of your perfect living space. Instead, it provides a first step in articulating your individual furniture preferences. It will be particularly useful should you choose to work with one of Gabberts Design Studio & Fine Furniture interior design professionals.

download descriptive words

Descriptive Words

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Concept Considerations